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Caring for New Carpet

New carpets; what could be better? Clean and beautiful, just the right color and oh so soft on the feet! Now add, children, their friends, pets and all the uninvited guests that make their way on to and into your new carpet. It is an endless daily battle to keep it clean, wiping up spots, vacuuming and putting down blankets for the kids to sit on, in hopes of keeping the new look as long as possible! And then the unthinkable; Johnny locked the new puppy in his room before you all left for the afternoon and you return to a damaged carpet. Panic and disbelief set in. You fall to your knees and find that there are holes and areas that have been chewed on and you try to secure it back to its original place as best you can. But over the next weeks it keeps moving and now has started to unravel as well. What to do?

New Carpet Care

New Carpet Care

Ouch! It is that same area where the carpet meets the tile, every time you walk over it just right, you are stabbed by little nails that are pointing up! The hammer comes out and you get back down there to take care of the problem. It works for a while only to have a new spot appear! Your carpets and tile are only 2 years old and you take great pride in caring for them to keep them clean, but this problem is getting out of hand and now the baby is crawling around. What to do?

Carpet Accidents Happen

Anyone with carpet has had their fair share of pet accidents while training their new pet, children wondering around with their drinks and snacks, foot traffic trails; all these things can be solved with the proper carpet cleaning and care. But to have carpets pulled up, tack boards attacking your feet, and the center of your great room looking like an ocean wave, requires a different approach! Replace? Not always, although some damage is past the point of return. Most times if taken care of in a timely manner, it can look as good as new! Carpet Repairs; most of those problems can be easily repaired by properly skilled professionals. If you have a problem that requires repair, call Steam Clean Carpet Care and we will help you to determine the best plan of action with friendly professionals that are skilled at fixing that mess! For more information about cleaning carpet accidents, see the LMCCA as well.

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